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  • Hospitality
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  • Wholesale
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  • Windows
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  • Live Online
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What is IMPROVE?

Running a successful business is about getting the best out of people – that’s why we’ve created IMPROVE. Offering a suite of training courses for staff, IMPROVE is an online learning platform designed especially for small to midsized businesses. Our cost-effective, accessible online courses cover a huge variety of topics, from fire safety in the workplace and manual handling training to GDPR and time management - everything your staff need to help them develop and thrive in their roles.

IMPROVE already has over 40 courses you can access - 24/7 and on any device - and we’ll constantly be adding to this library as legislation and ideas change at no extra cost.

You can directly allocate the right courses to the right member of staff, creating straightforward development pathways for your team based on different levels of challenge.

We understand that training happens in lots of ways, so IMPROVE has the ability to store external training content and certificates to keep all your records in one place.

Overview of IMPROVE benefits

  • It is the ‘only’ platform specifically designed for businesses with under 250 employees.
  • With ‘IMPROVE’ you’ll enjoy the best prices on the market - £199 per business per month to cover all of your people, with no hidden costs.
  • Everything is in one place and you have unlimited storage space to add as many other courses, training materials or important business information of your own to personalise your training platform.
  • It ensures a great learning experience for your people through any device, so they can access training at a time convenient to them and your business.
  • Benefit from new courses at no extra cost – 50 new courses planned to add to IMPROVE for customers in 2020. Courses are always updated, so if anything changes you don’t need to worry!

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