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What is Intervals?

Struggling with managing and tracking time? Drowning in a sea of piling tasks? Stressed about project deadlines?

Introducing Intervals - an online project management application that allows you to simultaneously track time and effectively manage your tasks. This is all done through one collaborative platform and enabled by in-depth reporting.

Intervals is designed for small business owners and freelancers across a number of industries. It is ideal for those who need to bill projects based on an hourly rate. Even if you don't bill per hour, Intervals still provides detailed insight into where your time, and ultimately money, is going. This allows you to prioritize tasks and streamline your time and project management.

It is a fully hosted online service, with no software to install, meaning you can be up and running in minutes. Intervals not only offers solutions for tracking time, but also for project management, task management, reporting, document storage, personalization and invoicing.

Overview of Intervals benefits

More Efficient Time Tracking

Where Intervals excels is tracking time on the actual tasks that you work on. This marriage of time tracking with task management is what makes it unique from its competitors. It allows you to treat tasks like tickets so you can manage them from inception to completion and track all of the individual time entries directly on this task.

Better Collaboration

Communicating with your team members is key to the success of every project. This is why Intervals has built-in collaboration features to help you make teamwork much more effortless. Using this, you can get in touch with your staff, delegate tasks more efficiently, and ensure that everyone’s time is maximized. You can even check the progress status of projects for each staff member, so you can map out when to give them tasks as well as determine the difficulty of tasks you can give.

Deeper Project Insights

Intervals also allows users to improve the way they manage projects as well as streamline how they work by providing in-depth project insights. It consolidates all your data and creates robust reports about the performance of each project. This way, you can analyze your efforts and make more intelligent decisions about future endeavors.

Streamlined Project Management Process


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