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What is InterviewBuddy™?

InterviewBuddy is an online video interviewing platform offering expert-driven practice interviews to candidates across different experience levels (entry level to executive level) and across a swathe of domains including Computer Science, Core Engineering, Finance, Management and Healthcare. We also offer niche and specialized practice interviews with experts from FAANG and other top global companies on domains such as Data Science, Investment Banking, Analytics, Digital Marketing, Cognitive Science to name a few.

All mock interviews are tailored to suit the candidate's objectives and requirements. All mock interviews get auto-recorded and the candidate can access the same for self-review and analysis on top of the interview performance report/feedback shared by the industry expert. All mock interviews simulate an actual interview experience without the pressure of a job on the line. 

Overview of InterviewBuddy™ benefits

Benefits of InterviewBuddy include first-hand experience of facing an interview with a vetted and credible industry expert where candidates both recent grads and experienced professionals can get their doubts on how to answer interview googlies clarified and understand the interviewer's perspective allowing them to ace their actual interview with confidence and outperfomr their peers. The fear of failure and interview anxiety are overcome with our process. 

The tremendous boost in the candidates confidence makes your candidates interview ready which potential employers love and thereby enhancing the overall outlook of your institution among the hiring circles and its effect on improving new admissions/users.  


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