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Supported Specifications

What is iQualifi safe workplace?

You can have a tailored made workplace training courses. These courses include micro quizzes and assessment modules. Staff can receive scores for training and a competency certificate online. Printed certificates are also available. We can provide a individual branded platform for your business.

We will build your company a bespoke training courses and portal. You team can complete staff safety training online.

We are able to provide a wide range of safety courses. These include induction training, Food production and Manufacturing for diary's, beverages, meat production and fisheries.

We also cover fire training and road safety for large residential sites such as Hotels, Hospitals and Schools. 


Overview of iQualifi safe workplace benefits

Our courses are made by experts in education. They are able to bring the course to life. This significantly improves retention and therefore safety in the workplace. They have proven to excel the development of staff. 

Our Health & Safety team has over 35 year experiencing of inspecting and auditing businesses in the UK. We are assessors up to level 4 Health & Safety and quality courses. 

The iQualifi Safe Workplace platform is easy to use and each learning has their own dashboard. We a have excellent customer support via e-mail and phone. 

We create bespoke products for your workplace, that meet the requirements for your industries context. We use professional photography and media to enhance the visual impact of all courses.  

Payments can be invoiced or paid through PayPal. 


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