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Supported Specifications

What is IQxCloud?

IQxCloud is a product of IQStrategix, Inc.  IQxCloud is a SaaS (Software as a Service) technology that is delivered mostly over the Internet and to end users through the use of WiFi. 

IQxCloud is designed to allow non-programming professionals such as Subject Matter Experts, Training and Development personnel, project managers, knowledge engineers, operations personnlel, and others to faithfully represent the underlying how, why, and what-if knowledge of organizations of every kind.

IQxCloud is a true knowledge system.  It is based on a knowledge science and works the way people naturally think, making the system both user-friendly and engaging.  The system is unique because it is based on an Atomic Concept Architecture that provides an exceptional level of modeling flexibility and power. 

IQxCloud is designed to increase operational, product, and service efficiency and performance by providing users all the knowledge they need to do their jobs, in real-time.  This includes concept descriptions, instructions, processes, examples, and supporting documentation on a single page.

Overview of IQxCloud benefits

  • A user-friendly, point-and-click interface that mostly delivers organizational knowledge within 1-5 clicks across the enterprise.
  • Most knowledgeable, non-programming professionals faithfully represent organizational how, why, and what-if knowledge using common language that they know and understand.
  • Employees, Customers, Partners, and others gain knowledge concepts, overviews, flows, dependencies, contingencies, cross-references, and causal relationships on-demand.
  • Users naturally gain improved efficiency and performance while using IQxCloud in real-time to answer their job-oriented questions.
  • Users find IQxCloud to be engaging, which supports self-paced learning.
  • IQxCloud provides an efficient eLearning and eMentoring resource to help reduce training, mentoring, and supervisor time requirements.
  • IQxCloud supports data system integration to keep knowledge content up-to-date where required.
  • Much, much more . . . .



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