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What is isEazy Engage?

isEazy Engage is the final app to boost the engagement of your frontline workers and their effectiveness.

Thanks to its powerful training, communication, knowledge, and task management functionalities, from the palm of your hand, it increases the engagement of frontline professionals and improves their performance and productivity.

Microlearning, gamification, knowledge, virtual assistant, communication, tasks... everything your frontliners need in one place. A new concept of learning on the go which multiplies engagement, completion, and knowledge retention in any training project within the organization.

Empower your people in the ground with the tools they need to do their best work everyday.

Overview of isEazy Engage benefits

Why choose isEazy Engage?


Easily select and configure knowledge and skills training in the app, to meet the evolving needs of your digital workers. Agile, dynamic, and always accessible, this app is the essential companion for your future fit employee.


Effortlessly access and share your know-how: All your knowledge assets are organized and available, instantly. Assets can load in any format and from any source, including from external applications.


Key information, notifications and updates are delivered in real-time to target users on any device.

Onboarding, events, new process flows, product launches, training, and promotions…you name it, this app can deliver it, at the fingertips of your target audience.

Use the app’s management dashboard to monitor activity, all user data, and user behaviors.


Create a corporate feed to stimulate users to comment, share, follow and contribute their content.

A social learning proposition that builds a common purpose, strengthens working relationships, and increases team resilience.


Configure ‘points’ that users can earn for knowledge acquired, shared knowledge, and even desired behaviors.

Drive up engagement levels to 90%+ through serious play with a competitive edge: keep your users motivated with individual or team-based challenges and leaderboards.



Learn more about the features that differentiate isEazy Engage from the competition.


Learn more about isEazy Engage's pricing options so you can make a business-wise decision on the best software to use.


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