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What is iSpring Cam Pro?

iSpring Cam Pro is an easy-to-use tool for creating professional-looking training videos and software tutorials. It allows you to record screencasts and webcam videos, both simultaneously or separately, and fine-tune them with the built-in video editor so they look professional.

The video editor includes a variety of functions. It lets you remove unnecessary fragments and noises, add intro slides, images, and annotations for better engagement, apply transition effects to remove abrupt cuts, join multiple videos together, and enrich them with audio.

iSpring Cam Pro makes it easy to share your videos. You can upload them to your LMS or publish on your YouTube channel.

Overview of iSpring Cam Pro benefits

  • Robust screencast recorder. You can record screencasts with voice-overs and annotations. The tool enables you to spotlight mouse actions to draw attention to those actions on the screen, record keystrokes, and add visual hints.
  • Picture-in-picture screencasts. Add a personal touch to your software tutorials by complementing a screencast with a presenter video.
  • Text to speech. You can create voice-overs even without a VO artist by simply converting text into natural-sounding speech. 
    Interactive canvas. Put videos, images, and annotations right onto the canvas to create professional videos in no time.
  • Multi-track timeline for video editing. You can join videos together and add audio tracks. Change the pace of the video, add freeze frames, and trim fragments.
  • Intro slides and annotations. Add images, infographics, and captions to increase knowledge retention.
  • Smooth scene transitions. You can apply transition effects to create polished videos without abrupt cuts.
  • Upload to YouTube. Publish your brand-new videos to your YouTube channel with a single click right from the iSpring Cam Pro interface.



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