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What is Jive?

Jive is a leading social collaboration tool that connects team members, upper management personnel, and other relevant parties in the corporate environment. It is loaded with advanced features and capabilities, all aimed to help businesses achieve strategic alignment and dramatically improve individual and collective productivity for employees and teams.

Jive works wherever you go and whatever you do. Integrated with mobile apps that link you up with your department and your team, you can easily access data, receive latest updates, communicate and collaborate even when you are far from your desk. Jive also integrates with the leading business apps and systems, blends seamlessly in every corporate ecosystem, and therefore gives you unparalleled flexibility to work and deliver. What can also be considered as a reason to choose this product is the flexible, quote-based pricing scheme, where each user receives an individual quote tailored to meet his needs and financial possibilities. In this aspect, Jive imposes no restrictions to as what type of companies get to use it.

Overview of Jive benefits

In brief, Jive is a comprehensive collaboration system that improves and accelerates all important business processes, and requires minimal human involvement to do so. The platform is hosted in cloud, and requires no updates or complex installations to make your business more productive. Using it is a breeze even for inexperienced teams and employees who will require no technical assistance to get it up and running. Despite of the intuitive interface, a professional team will still be there to support you at any moment.

At the same time, Jive is completely mobile optimized and offers devoted apps for smartphone users, so that they can interact and share information even when not in office. What is even better is that Jive integrates with a number of popular business systems and applications, and will therefore be ready to blend into your software infrastructure.



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