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The World's Top Recruiting Software. JobDiva means World-Class Solutions for today's recruiter. Deliver the value you need to win more business.

Who Uses This Software?

JobDiva currently services a major portion of the staffing and recruitment industry. No matter an organizations size, JobDiva drives staffing success.

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What is JobDiva?

JobDiva is an online applicant tracking system designed for hiring managers and HR officers. This software tool allows you deal with all your job applicants through smart filters and analyzers so that you can hire the best personnel for your company.

This talent management software is operational in several parts of the world and has some renowned customers to its credit. Having served more than 20,000 hiring personnel, JobDiva holds a substantial value in the market for its versatile features.

To make sure that your company attracts the best talent in the market, JobDiva has its presence on the top local and international boards around the globe. It is for these services that the software has earned recognition and awards over the years.

Overview of JobDiva benefits

There are numerous recruiting solutions available at JobDiva. These solutions make sure that you get the right person for the job every time. Several operations which previously took a lot of time can now be done automatically. For instance, the software automatically filters to the top talent required for the job. These filters can be customized on the basis of years of experience, attributes, skills etc.

You may have thousands of job application to go through every day. However, JobDiva makes sure that you consider the most related ones for the job. It can save up to 70% of your work time and also there is lesser pressure on you to choose the right candidate.

JobDiva also offers a talent management system. This module reports and analyzes the key business operations for you. Hence, you can see which of your personnel are doing well in certain departments and where replacement might be needed. You can create your own custom dashboards, analyze your data through intuitive graphs and charts, and also update reports in real time. These up to date features ensure that you don’t miss out on any chances for progress.


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