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What is Jobsoid?

Jobsoid is a cloud-based recruitment solution designed for companies, organizations, agencies, and hiring teams of all sizes. Simple and easy to use, Jobsoid is an applicant tracking software which helps users streamline their recruitment processes, from sourcing potential candidates from various job boards, career sites, social media platforms, and channels to officially hiring qualified candidates. It allows users to create their own career site or page with a professional look that promotes their brand. They can also post job advertisements to different social media channels and job platforms.

In addition, Jobsoid offers an applicant tracking system which allows them to view the resumes, profiles, and applications of their candidates in a standard format which they can easily search and helps them quickly conduct screening. The recruitment solution moreover enables users to track their applicants across stages and as they pass from one phase of the recruitment process to another. Last but not the least, Jobsoid offers collaboration features, which enable users to designate specific roles and share candidate information and profiles with the members of their recruitment team.

Overview of Jobsoid benefits

Jobsoid provides users easy ways to track their applicants and candidates. As a software that centralizes talent pool, Jobsoid offers an applicant tracking system that allows users to quickly search the information they need from the large volume of resumes submitted by their applicants.

This applicant tracking system has the capability to generate candidate profiles in a standard format. As users import resumes with different formats to Jobsoid’s database, the software automatically converts them into candidate profiles that are uniformly structured. In addition, when resumes are converted,  the system stores any documents that are attached to them, allowing users to easily preview or download the original documents later on.

Another way of tracking candidates is through tagging. Thus, users will be able to tag their candidates, so they can group them based on categories they can use to facilitate their screening process. As an example, if their company prefer to hire candidates with a specific industry experience, tagging candidates will be very helpful for them. In case, they want to hire candidates from a preferred location, the geographic location tag will aid them in looking for the right candidate. Candidates can also be tagged based on their interview stage, interview schedule,  or date of application.


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