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What is Jobvite?

Jobvite is a recruitment management and applicant tracking system that gives you total control over the entire hiring process, simplifying the whole journey with you attracting the best applicants and ending up with the right people for the job. More than the usual talent acquisition tools, Jobvite is loaded with features and capabilities that address the need for modern recruiters, including social and innovative capabilities.

Jobvite is designed to automate your hiring workflows and customize them to ensure that they address your recruitment needs and requirements. Scheduling is a breeze thanks to its two-way calendar integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. The software also employs a modern social networking approach that makes sharing jobs and opportunities easy, fast, and far-reaching.

Overview of Jobvite benefits

Jobvite gives you more than the usual means to recruit people and thresh out your pools of candidates in order to find the perfect employee. The software is created to simplify the hiring process by automating time-intensive tasks such as applicant screening, email parsing, resume analysis, and more, as well as customizing the recruitment phase so you are left with applicants that meet your specifications.

Jobvite is integrated with powerful and advanced features to help you attract the best candidates and make their application process a smooth experience. You can create high-impact, customizable, and branded career websites that feature your brand elements, screening forms, custom applications, and more.

The reach of your recruiting efforts become wider as Jobvite automatically feeds job openings to free job search portals such as SimplyHired and Indeed. The software automatically distributes them on Jobvite Twitter accounts and channels. Its social recruiting approach allows you and your employees to share openings on their social networks as well as on your company’s official social channels.


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