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What is Jochi?

Jochi is an integrated and comprehensive one-stop-shop web & mobile application that supports students with their needs outside the classroom. We integrate with learning management systems, providing a seamless user experience to students while not being disruptive to exisiting technologies in place. Our platform enables students to make the most of their student life outside the classroom. With mental health rates at an all time high, Jochi seeks to provide students the support they need when not in the classroom. Our four main features are our Planner, Scheduling, Club Management and Study Room. 

Jochi is running offering an entirely pilot program to private schools using Schoology this spring! If interested in learning more about our product and viewing a demo check out our website

Overview of Jochi benefits

Jochi's primary focus to provide students with a structured space to manage their student life outside the classroom, in the same way learning management systems support them with their academic lives. 

We help students...

  • Plan their schedules
  • Engage with peers & faculty
  • Discover new hobbies and clubs
  • Develop study habits through individualized analytics

Through using our platform, students will have exposure to develop skills such as planning, proactivity, collaboration, self-analytical, introspection, and more, while unlocking their potential.

For teachers and administrators, Jochi has numerous benefits. Our seamless scheduling and club management portal simplifies the lives of teachers. Advisors can use Jochi to make their advisory sessions more effective. And our bi-yearly analytics provide administrators with insights they've never been able to access before.  


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