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What is Jochi?

Jochi is a personal management solution that enables students with diverse learning needs to better oraganize their workload, access support, and develop executive functioning skills. 

Through supporting students with their day-to-day management, Jochi equips learning specialists with greater insight into their students' organisation and progress.  

Jochi connects to your existing LMS/SIS systems allowing for 

  • Content integration & communication to your systems
  • Single-Sign On
  • Secure Data Privacy & Handling

With Jochi, we're enabiling student support centers to deliver more personalised support to their students with detailed insights like never before.


Company: Jochi started as an EdTech initative at the University of Pennsylvania's Venture Lab and has since worked with a number of independent & public schools.

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Overview of Jochi benefits

Jochi was meticulously designed to serve one core objective: to enhance the support provided by learning centers to their students. Beyond the tangible advantages of streamlining daily tasks for specialists and students, such as effortless scheduling and goal-setting, Jochi is deeply committed to:

  • Fostering Executive Functioning Development: Jochi empowers students to refine crucial executive functioning skills, including organization, time management, metacognition, and task initiation.
  • Streamlining Day-to-Day Tasks: The platform simplifies students' daily routines, ensuring that they can efficiently manage their coursework and responsibilities.
  • Empowering Executive Functioning: Jochi's comprehensive approach equips students with the vital executive functioning skills necessary for lifelong success.
  • Personalized Guidance: Learning specialists benefit from a deeper understanding of students' organizational skills and academic progress, enabling them to provide highly tailored support.

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