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What is Jostle?

Jostle is an innovative employee intranet called People Engagement® platform and is designed to significantly improve employee engagement across organizations. With Jostle, companies and organizations across the globe can create a positive and productive workplace culture where everyone enjoys seamless and frictionless communication.

Jostle’s unique approach stems from what employees need in the workplace to become really productive and empowered. The system is designed with the understanding that organizations that are connected and vibrant are able to engage their employees and become truly extraordinary.

With Jostle, companies and organizations get a fully featured employee intranet that’s easy to setup and very user-friendly. It provides everyone with instant access to news, plans, and events. Managers are able to facilitate discussions (chat) and people are able to view who is doing what (organization chart). Jostle speeds up the search for the right people (employee directory) and expertise for specific tasks and surfaces key content.

Overview of Jostle benefits

Jostle’s new employee intranet platform enables companies and organization attain extraordinary engagement levels because it empowers engagement as it has all the tools and features needed by employees to instantly get on board and become part of the organization. Jostle is so simple and intuitive that employees with little technology experience and expertise can easily get acquainted with the system and use it right off the bat. Jostle offers quick and easy setup and implementation.

Employees want to have access to all relevant information and updates without having to go through the fuss to retrieve the data they need. Jostle streamlines this process, making it easy for users to target information at locations, divisions, and employee types, reducing all the clutter while keeping all the relevant information within reach. Mobile apps are available to allow users to connect to their organization and with other employees from just about anywhere at any given time.


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