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What is Justworks?

Justworks is an HR based platform designed to ease the workload on managers and HR officers. Keeping your business team together and managing their needs is an important aspect of business and Justworks makes sure that you manager your workers in the most effective fashion.

Justworks offers payroll services and automation options for businesses. Whether it’s about employee benefits, salaries, leaves or anything related to it, Justworks can give you feasible and quickly implementable solutions.

Justworks was introduced in 2012 and in the period of four years, it has established into a steady brand which has decent recognition in the market. Hence, it is one software to consider when it comes to payroll management.

Overview of Justworks benefits

There are several amazing features to look forward to in Justworks. One of them is the employee benefits manager, made possible with a partnership between Justworks and some of the leading benefit providers to optimize the provision of service including dental and medical.

Justworks ensures you will be able to provide prompt and accurate payment for all types of employees whether full or part time. You can even manage timely payments outside of your regular workforce such as company clients or vendors and suppliers. All these are facilitated by several payment options and payroll features the software offers such as direct deposits, bonus and reimbursement management as well as analytics and reporting.

Furthermore, you can set employee/work policies aligned with your company rules and in compliance with existing regulations pertaining to leaves, time off, vacations and holidays, among others. No more utilizing paper spreadsheets. These processes can be handled digitally for more precision and efficiency.

Likewise, every company employee can be provided with their respective dashboards where they can access their profile, performance, and other relevant information. This interactive interface is where employees can also see detail of their pay, request for time off and leaves, enroll in company programs, and more. Everything is automated to give employees real-time results and responses.


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