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What is Kallidus Perform?

Kallidus Perform is a cutting edge performance management solution.

It’s been designed to meet the needs of the modern organisation
and the new world of work, enabling check-ins and reviews anytime,
any place, anywhere.

Perform encourages managers and team members to comment and track progress throughout the year, allowing you to modify objectives and book in short conversations as and when they are needed.

Used by the UK's biggest brands, Perform makes the employee appraisal process easier to access and more likely to achieve the results you need.

Empower managers and engage people, through a culture of open feedback and tracking.

Overview of Kallidus Perform benefits

Perform makes people management easy.

With Perform in place, traditional paper-based appraisal systems can be quickly and completely replaced, reducing cost, saving time and increasing productivity.

  • Manager dashboard - instant view of progress 
  • Real-time notifications 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Add your own branding 
  • Request, gather and track informal feedback 

Running on the latest cloud technology, Kallidus Perform is quick to set up, has no ongoing support costs and requires minimal involvement from IT.

With all data in a single place, you gain complete transparency of performance management across the entire organisation, providing a clear audit trail to evidence compliance and make better decisions to drive continuous improvement.




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