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What is Kallidus Sapling HRIS?

Sapling is a customisable HRIS that allows you to connect your people, tools, and data, to effectively manage distributed teams. Our platform enables fast growing organisations to streamline HR processes and become more efficient.

  • Get full visibility of the employee lifecycle and make onboarding simple whilst managing employees across multiple locations.
  • Run repeatable processes
  • Auto-assign tasks and automate workflows.

Make onboarding unforgettable

  • Introduce new hires to your company, culture and team before their start date 
  • Build unique employee records
  • Give new hires access to update their personal profile and complete necessary documents
  • Automate IT set-ups so new starters are ready to go



Overview of Kallidus Sapling HRIS benefits

A process-first HRIS for people-first teams. 

  • Get visibility of the entire employee lifecycle, track changes and view your people’s history.
  • Save time with powerful tools that drive repeatable and consistent processes for teams in any location. 
  • Import your recruitment data, save time through automation, and even onboard multiple employees at once.
  • Visualise relationships between departments, teams and people with your Org Chart
  • Track profile and job related data such as promotions and salary adjustments
  • Save time with smart emails
  • Build auto-assignment rules for locations, departments or employment types to deliver co-ordinated people transitions.
  • Seamlessly integrate between your ATS, Payroll and more.



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