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What is Koan?

Koan is a free organizational alignment software platform that helps teams manage goals and status collaboratively. Built on a foundational belief that strong teams are transparent, collaborative, reflective, human-centered, and empowered, Koan helps teams to inspire, align, and focus their remote workforce with Koans easy to use OKR and status platform.

Focus on the right things

Stay aligned and engaged on the latest progress of your goals, whether you're in the office or remote.

Collaborate better, together

Build transparency and communicate regularly with team members, wherever you are in the world.

Work with purpose

Your team knows why their work matters, how it connects to the mission, and why it will make a difference.

Overview of Koan benefits

Make goals ateam sport
Your most important goals are tackled by teams, not individuals. Develop better habits and get your team on the same page using modern weekly status reports. Share progress, priorities, and concerns to surface issues before they become major problems.

Save time onstatus reporting
Save time in meetings, build accountability, and foster great communication with Koan Reflections — simple, beautiful status reports for your entire team.

Keep yourgoals on track
Customize schedules, monitor progress and discover blockers to help everyone stays ahead of goals and focused on what really matters.


Goals & OKRs
Set your goals
Koan's simple interface helps teams set clear, measurable goals. Teams use the OKR tool to track progress, surface concerns, and celebrate wins.

Focus on what's most important

Deliver outcomes, not tasks

Collaborative goals at every level



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