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What is Krisin Learning to Action Platform?

Krisin platform is a next generation e-learning soltuion for progressive L&D heads, HR heads, corporate trainers, which is hosted in the cloud, and has unique features that enable

1. Easy creation of learning courses from content pieces available anywhere on the internet or your own LMS. You can use your existing content and CMS as well.

2. Creation of Microlearning based courses

3. Creation of pre-assessment, post-assessments for a training

4. Create long duration learning journeys to enable continous learning 

5. Create post training follow through journey courses with review material, quizzes tutorials

6. Support for videos, quizzes, pdf, Microsoft document formats, public urls to add any public content to the course including videos, articles.And support for giving assignments to learners.

7. Support for creating coding totorials in 40 programming languages

8. Delivery of all created courses through email, whatsapp, SMS, through web and mobile apps to the learners in a clutter free way.

9. Ability to monitor learner cohort progress and individual progress for each and every course step

10. Ready to use library of courses for communication, leadership, DEI and.more

11. Craft courses with inbuilt coaching interventions steps.

12. Setup course steps like classroom sessions, live webinar sessions with in the system and track attendance for these as well.

13. Setup competencies and resuse content for new courses from competency library

14. Delivrer training to 1000s of employees and track and assess the outcome









Overview of Krisin Learning to Action Platform benefits

Krisin platform is leaps ahead of other LXPs when it comes to practice focussed courses and assignment focussed courses, enabling better training outcome.

Second, Higher engagement rates of learners, Krisin system is designed for adult education and has features that enable higher engagement rates, upto 84% people across a.sample size of 400 learrners agreed to a measurable behavior change.

Third, No need to patch up various systems together,. you can use any LMS, content management system or public websites for hosting content, Krisin platform can seamslessly deliver most public urls as part of course content. You can reuse your existing content.

Fourth, We provide services to customize content based on your needs, using world class course planners and creators from our backoffice in India.



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