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What is Kudos?

Kudos® is an employee engagement, culture, and analytics platform, that harnesses the power of peer-to-peer recognition, values reinforcement, and open communication to help organizations boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture, and drive productivity and performance.

Peer-to-peer recognition tied to your values, culture, and performance.
Kudos is the only employee recognition platform to have multiple levels of recognition supporting appreciation and performance.

Insightful, actionable people analytics.
Kudos People Analytics are a game-changer.  Robust dashboards present deep insight into performance,  workplace culture, and employee experience.

Boost engagement, measure impact, strengthen culture.
Access pre-built or custom in-app campaigns, personalized promotional materials, and expert guidance on how to improve your culture.

Overview of Kudos benefits

Performance-focused, Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Your employees want to be recognized for their work - often. Employee recognition with Kudos® is different from traditional, rewards-focused programs and software. Kudos® creates sustainable cultural change.

Levels of Recognition
Highlight incremental levels of performance and contribution with every recognition message.

Core Values Alignment
Employee recognition is most effective when it’s tied back to the behaviors that your organization values.

With Kudos®, every recognition message sent is linked to those behaviors.

Your Culture
Your values are the foundation of your culture and at the core of your recognition program in Kudos®.

A Peer-to-Peer Community
Share memories, communicate good news, and celebrate achievements together on the Kudos® Wall.
The impact and visibility of recognition is increased through comments and endorsements.


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