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What is Kwizie?

Imagine sitting through hours of video, only to realize that you've learnt very little. This is the frustrating reality for many learners today. Passive video consumption fails to effectively engage and facilitate meaningful learning experiences. For educators, manual creation of tests and exams is time-consuming and expensive, while collecting meaningful statistics on engagement and learning is a daunting task for everyone. 

We understand the struggles faced by educators, learners, and content creators today, and that's why we're determined to revolutionize video-based learning, making it more interactive, data-driven, and impactful globally.

Our solution is Kwizie, the premium AI quiz game maker that transforms passive video consumption into interactive and engaging experiences. With Kwizie, educators, learners, and content creators can easily create fun quiz games based on any kind of video content, boosting engagement and making learning fun. 

Our tool eliminates the need for hours spent designing interactive activities and costly services, offering a cheaper, easier, and faster solution. Say goodbye to ineffective video learning and embrace the future of engaging and impactful education with Kwizie.

Overview of Kwizie benefits

What sets Kwizie apart:

The best tool to rapidly assess learning from any kind of video content.

Data-driven Learning: Don't settle for guesswork. Make data-driven optimizations and refine your delivery strategy with our powerful analytics dashboard.

Make Fun Quiz Games: Share a fun multiplayer quiz game for your friends, colleagues, or students.

Educational Excellence: We optimize our AI for educational excellence. To achieve this, Kwizie has developed novel algorithms that utilize a combination of the best AI models available today.

Cheaper. Easier. Faster: Say goodbye to spending hours designing fun interactive activities for video content or $$$ on services and materials.

For Everyone. Anytime. Anywhere: Kwizie is designed to be used on-the-fly anywhere you are. Powerful for rapid iterative learning in minutes.



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