• Large Enterprises (>10,000)
  • Small/Medium Businesses
Use Cases
  • eLearning
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • API
Supported Specifications
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What is

Lanes is a one-stop solution for virtual trainings. Designed by and for T&D experts, this UI/UX-friendly platform delivers engaging and effective training programs out-of-the box. Lanes transforms learning into a transparent data-driven business process and makes it easily scalable.

This is achieved with:

  • Built-in Virtual room with out-of-the box training tools and activities
  • Extensive analytics for 30+ key training parameters
  • Scenario-based training content creation & delivery to maintain quality standards even with massive scaling-up or rolling-out.

Lanes allows to design various training scenarios and personal learning tracks. 

  • Blend your virtual training with microlearning, offline training or intermodule meetings
  • Add pre- and post-training materials
  • Schedule the training and material’s delivery
  • Conduct the training
  • Generate analytical reports to make data-driven decisions.

All within one single platform.

Overview of benefits

  • Pre-prepared activity scenario: activities are fully designed by a methodologist in the Lanes Program Builder.
  • User-friendly: no need for additional tools - all is available on the platform; activity timing is visible to all participants and the results are stored in Lanes digital workbooks for each participant. The platform has an emoji pack for quick reactions during training.
  • Easy for trainers: automated break out in mini-groups, rooms´ rotation, roles assignment. Manage cameras and mics, drag and drop trainees within groups, see trainees’ answers and enter any group or add extra time if needed. Lanes even highlights participants leaving the training for another browser tab! 
  • Analytics:  automated tracking of participants and trainer´s actions gathers a pool of data for analysis.

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