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What is Lattice?

Our mission is to make work meaningful
Lattice works with People teams across the globe to turn employees into high performers, managers into leaders, and companies into the best places to work.

Develop engaged & high-performing teams
People spend most of their waking hours at work — our goal is to make those hours better. Lattice works with People teams across the globe to turn managers into leaders, employees into high-performers, and companies into the best places to work.

Lattice integrates employee engagement with continuous performance management into a people management platform that gives People Leaders solutions to build engaged, high-performing teams. They empower HR teams to make more strategic, data-driven decisions and build winning cultures. Find out why over 1,850+ companies trust Lattice for people management.

Overview of Lattice benefits

Get continuous actionable insights with Lattice Engagement
Lattice Engagement is the first of its kind employee experience solution that helps companies identify what keeps employees engaged, connects performance metrics for rich insight, and guides you to the most impactful action you can take at your company.

People Analytics
Connect Performance and Engagement metrics together for the first time. Leverage advanced driver & sentiment analysis tools to help teams build the best culture for their company.

Measure against your past survey results in addition to third party benchmarks to track and analyze the health of your company culture over time.

Build culture together
Build a company culture that drives employee engagement and improves the employee experience.

Motivate Team Members
Measure the health of your organization and take data-driven action to increase productivity, decrease employee turnover, and build a winning culture


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