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What is Leadr?

Leadr People Development:

Leadership development pipeline is one of the biggest challenges organizations face. With Leadr, you can develop leaders at scale with consistent 1:1 meetings, clear goals, and regular feedback.



Engage, grow, and retain your staff with an all-in-one HR software platform. With LeadrHR, have engaging performance reviews, track PTO with ease, get birthday & work anniversary reminders, simplify your onboarding process, and more.



Creating a healthy team culture means starting with healthy individuals. LeadrHealth offers individual and group health plans so you can better retain and develop your team. Your LeadrHealth team will help you consider your options to decide what's best for you. 

Overview of Leadr benefits

People Want To Be Led & Developed, Not Managed.

Leadr is a people development software that helps you engage and grow every person on your team. With Leadr, you'll see an increase in employee morale and productivity and a decrease in turnover.

  • The 1:1 Meeting
    Our people development software allows you to collaboratively build meeting agendas, track progress, and ask intentional questions in your 1:1 meetings. 
  • Better Team Meetings
    Whether you're in a 3-person departmental meeting or an all staff event, stay focused on team efforts, take collaborative notes, and add recurring topics for frequent meetings to stay on track & increase output. 
  • Clear Goals
    Every employee should have clearly documented goals you and your team can track progress and realign priorities on a daily basis boosting productivity and clarity. 
  • Customized Learning
    Invest in the growth of your employees by assigning customized or organization-wide learning assignments such as videos, podcasts, books, or articles. 
  • Regular Two-way Feedback
    Regular feedback is critical to leadership development. Make feedback intentional and allow it to sink in by offering and requesting it in a timely way.
  • Prioritize Your People
    Developing people begins with knowing them deeply. Our profile cards allow you to seamlessly access meaningful information about each of your team members for more intentional and effective meetings.  



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