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What is Lesson Desk.?

Lesson Desk is a suite of training applications designed to function together to help businesses transfer knowledge to employees, cultivate a learning culture and to maximise the full potential of their workforce. Lesson Desk offers more than your typical e-learning platform: we are your end-to-end training partner.

Lesson Desk enables you to guide employees through a comprehensive training journey, with each distinct phase addressing a key area of the recruitment and product training process, including Screening, Onboarding, Formal Training, Surveys and Peer Reviews. 

We believe that employees who feel confident perform better, and that the road to confidence lies in effective product training.

Overview of Lesson Desk. benefits

Our Onboarding features can unlock a host of benefits for your business:

  • Seamlessly integrate new employees into your company
  • Bring new starters closer to your business and your offerings through engaging lessons and courses
  • Individual-based learning for on-the-go or remote employees
  • Schedule and facilitate virtual training classes 
  • Train groups of employees using our cutting-edge group platform
  • Manage all aspects of recruitment and training, all from our comprehensive LMS
  • Train staff on demand by scheduling instant training
  • Multi-language support
  • Deploy training material on the fly
  • Eliminate manual marking of assessments
  • View instant results
  • Track learner progress and generate real-time digital reports 



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