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What is LiaCX?

The latest addition to Intouch’s offering, LiaCX, is a cloud-based software that helps organizations with multiple locations in industries such as retail, restaurant, and hospitality, create more value and drive action from their customer experience (CX) programs through its Action Campaign™ technology.

LiaCX is built on modern technology designed to handle big data, and is mobile optimized. The software collects and combines data in real-time from sources such as surveys, mobile checklists, mystery shopping, operational audits, social media, and call centers, and rapidly integrates data from third-party systems like Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP.

All data is mapped to the customer journey and artificial intelligence-powered features transform the data into meaningful CX insights. Organizations can easily take action on those insights to improve business performance using LiaCX Action Campaigns.

Overview of LiaCX benefits

LiaCX offers tools for listening (customer satisfaction and NPS surveys, mystery shopping, data import, etc.), interpreting, and acting on all customer data in a single platform.

LiaCX helps organizations design better customer experiences proactively. Touchpoint management allows you to identify underperforming KPIs in real-time and gives you the tools to correct them before customers become unhappy.

LiaCX is the only customer experience management software with Action CampaignTM technology to help organizations take measurable actions that lead to better business results.

Using artificial intelligence, LiaCX recommends specific CX actions that will improve customer experience, and allows you to track completion and impact in real-time.

Experience meets innovation

LiaCX draws on over 25 years of experience collecting customer experience (CX) insights to help you be one step ahead of your customers’ expectations.

Take customer experience to the next level

LiaCX works seamlessly with the other Intouch applications to help companies listen, interpret and act on customer data so they can deliver brilliant customer experiences.


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