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What is LiFT Learning?

A Project-Based Learning Platform Built to be Engaging, Authentic, Co-Creative, Competency-Based, Learner-Driven. 


We are a mission-driven team determined to deliver the technology schools require to implement PBL and CBE best-practices. PBL and CBE can bring about incredible positive change in the world. We’re hyperfocused on supporting each partner school as they work to give young learners the skills and confidence to succeed in these remarkable times.

Personalized Attention

We take the time to understand your school vision and culture, instructional model, and skills framework in order to support your team to success.

Strategic & Tactical

We understand the educational change process, and will work with you to optimize the platform and implementation to meet your evolving needs.

Understanding Framework Design

We’ll work with you to design and implement your ideal skills framework, providing guidance and recommendations from our community of learner-centered schools that will save valuable time and effort.

Training and Support

We provide a comprehensive set of tools to ensure your success with LiFT, including Facilitator Guides, Virtual Trainings, and easy to navigate Help Desk.

Alignment Checks

We make sure we stay aligned to your vision with frequent check-ins. Consider the  LiFT Learning team as your thought partner, sounding board, connector, and resident problem solver.

Overview of LiFT Learning benefits

Traditional learning technology can make learner centered and driven projects notoriously hard to manage. Engineered specifically to handle unique learning pathways, LiFT helps you maximize learner agency without sacrificing productivity.

Promote learner self-direction and independence with interdisciplinary, collaborative projects.

  • Learners can add their own action steps to your content.
  • Teachers can personalize projects for learners who may need something different.
  • Learners can create their own projects from scratch - perfect for passion projects, independent study, capstones, and personalized learning plans.

Communication is key, and LiFT offers a clear feedback and revision cycle.

  • Teachers and learners can communicate using chat-style feedback tied to specific learning targets.
  • Email notifications accompany feedback and revision requests to keep everyone in the loop.
  • A class forum keeps your asynchronous learning community connected.
  • Let learners know where they stand by rating evidence with rubrics or numerical scores, or both.

Focus on skills. Measure what matters.

  • Easily map projects to any combination of standards, competencies, or learning targets.
  • One click sends evidence to every skill portfolio it deserves to be in, making multi-disciplinary learning possible, practical, and fun.
  • Scores and feedback tie directly to rubrics or “I can” statements, keeping the learning focused, transparent, consistent and learner-owned.

You will get all the LiFT features, plus:

  • Consultation and recommendations
  • Implementation planning
  • Proactive communication to make sure things stay on track
  • Customized competency frameworks
  • Technical support
  • Extended training opportunities/train-the-trainer

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