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What is LOGYTalks?

We offer an 'open-mic & open-stage' opportunity for conferenciers, scientists, researchers and consultants to create, share, and grow as a community.

Our ‘verticalized’ platform is here to humbly connect these knowledge providers with their audience and make their online-meeting interaction similar to reality.

Besides, to make sure your virtual room is locked and have complete control over who is joining, you can use the “private conference” and “business conference” to assure yourself complete confidentiality.


  • Connect & Conversate LIVE!
    Engage with your target audience marketand present your content.
  • One to Many & Many to One
    The speaker(s) and audience members can see and interact with one another. This brings your events live into life!
  • One-Stop Hub
    LOGYTalks is one place for many purposes: Connect with the community, create, discuss, and share content all in one place.
  • No software download or platform installation is required
    Engage with your target audience marketand present your content.
  • Grow Your Professional Network
    Here you will find members in your field of interest through our virtual vertical community!
  • Vertical Categories-Fields of Focus
    LOGYTalks includes wide variety of categories and fields of focus including but not limited to science & technology, water, agriculture, energy, COVID-19, Finance &PPP, education 

Overview of LOGYTalks benefits

  1. You can invite up to 5 speakers on stage
  2. You’ll get Live interpretation services (Up to 30 multilingual channels)
  3. You can control the privacy of your conference ( Make it Public, Private or Business)
  4. Don’t worry about your security, all sessions are ‘end to end encrypted’ with ‘double authentication’ for Private and Business Conferences
  5. A Recording option to make sure your work remains at your disposal
  6. A Digital library where you can upload videos and documents
  7. A Chat room, Rating & Commenting on conference, ‘Raise Hand’ and ‘Invite to Stage’ to increase interactivity
  8. You can create groups with other professionals
  9. You invite up to 1 Million attendees per session

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