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What is LumApps?

LumApps is a leading Employee Experience SaaS Platform for enterprise organizations to unify the modern workforce through better communication, engagement, and instant access to information. Integrated with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, LumApps intelligently connects people, information, and business applications to empower employees and enhance productivity. The product tailors each experience to the unique needs of the employee, from executives and managers to frontline workers.

LumApps is an employee experience platform that engages every employee with personalized communications, regardless of location or language, and empowers them to do their best work.

Human Resources
LumApps enables teams to develop strong cultures and share knowledge across communities – contributing to smarter, more efficient, and better-connected workforces around the world.

Overview of LumApps benefits

Elevate employee engagement
LumApps creates an engaging digital work environment where employees feel recognized, trusted, and motivated to do their best at work, from day one.

Why employee engagement matters
Employees want their work to be aligned with the company vision and strategy, but achieving that goal is a challenge. 

Engaging work environments offer tremendous benefits for the company and employees. 

Highly engaged employees are more creative, efficient, and productive. They have longer tenures, share new and innovative ideas, and positively impact their organization.

Promote employee engagement in a changing workplace

Ensure all employees have the opportunity to participate in company initiatives

Align employees on the company’s vision and strategy - regardless of language, location, or device 

Encourage team collaboration and promote individual initiatives to showcase positive company culture

Deliver a personalized employee experience that puts each employee at the center stage of your company 

Promote a culture of recognition where each employee’s work is highlighted


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