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What is Manifestly Checklists?

Manifestly is an integrated checklist solution with native Android and iOS applications. It is dedicated to recurring tasks, enabling teams to focus on performing their assignments rather than recreating their checklists from the previous day, week, month, or year.

With Manifestly, team members also rely on a streamlined Slack integration to communicate seamlessly with each other. The checklist tool supports a connection with the team communication and management service, allowing managers to assign tasks and supervise their team without sending a plethora of emails.

Additionally, Manifestly allows teams to further enhance their workflows. That is because the application has an open API and lets it access a variety of third-party services through Zapier, letting teams do more from one interface.

Overview of Manifestly Checklists benefits

Recurring Task Management

Manifestly is the only checklist tool whose main focus is the management of recurring tasks. With this application, organizations that have to repeat certain assignments daily, weekly, monthly, or even manually do not have to create a new checklist every time. The solution supports duplication or replication of checklists so users only have to make updates to their workflow when needed.

Robust Integration

With Manifestly, teams can connect with each other and with external collaborators through third-party communication tools. They no longer have to exchange or keep track of email threads as they can simply update the relevant persons through Slack. This integration also lets managers assign tasks and manage other delegated responsibilities without leaving the application.

Moreover, Manifestly can connect with a wide variety of applications through Zapier. This lets teams create custom connections with their existing and future software to further enhance their productivity.

Native Apps Support

Manifestly is accessible natively on iOS and Android devices. This lets team members view their checklists and make necessary changes whenever they need to even when they are outside of their office premises. This enables teams to work efficiently since members waiting for others to finish their tasks can continue with their own immediately as soon as checklists are updated.


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