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What is Advisor Plus?

Masterfully proudly presents Advisor Plus, an all-new eLearning platform. It is available for the first time to anyone who wants to quickly and easily deliver modern digital learning.

Advisor Plus is:

  • An eLearning course delivery platform that offers a guided, adaptive learning approach
  • Self-directed learning
  • Self-administered exams
  • Learning games

A SaaS platform, featuring:

  • Integrated, proprietary LMS
  • xAPI-compliant LRS
  • Built-in data collection, and analysis tools

Learners learn and retain more when they have a choice of learning formats and media. Advisor Plus makes it easy to provide effective eLearning: It supports multimodal content, enabling instructional designers to include text- or video-based content, games, quizzes, digital flashcards, and more. Adding Advisor Plus to your eLearning ecosystem extends learning. It enhances classroom and LMS-based learning with a mobile training and review option.

The mix of informational and interactive content and multilevel organization presents learners with a range of study options. Learners can quickly refer to information or engage more deeply with learning by choosing interactive study modes.

Advisor Plus emphasizes information over the presentation and makes it easy to reuse content from multiple topics or modules in informational and interactive modes. It simplifies the design and development process — enabling instructional designers and developers to quickly create and deploy effective content.

Overview of Advisor Plus benefits

The Masterfully team has one goal -- to make knowledge sharing easy and rewarding for learners and facilitators alike.

As a modern e-learning platform, Masterfully aims to continually improve, adapt and innovate versatile and groundbreaking study systems to meet the needs of modern learners.

Advisor Plus, Masterfully’s flagship product, has helped thousands of Airmen master challenging technical curricula. This pioneering platform emerged from decades of experience crafting engaging study systems with concise content and multiple study modes.

With every product we sell, we uphold our mission, practice our values and prove to our customers that their success is our business.


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