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What is mCourser?

mCourser is an advanced full-featured Learning Management System enabling administration, management and provision of digital learning materials. Additionally, mCourser is a fully fledged remote education tool supporting Live VIDEO or AUDIO sessions, shared whiteboards, live chats, and a hand-raising system that gives students the opportunity to participate in real-time discussions.

mCourser is the best idea for a custom content distribution platform and a powerful LMS in one coherent solution.


  • Intuitive and clearly designed interface based on industry standard UX guidelines makes it perfect for intermediate IT literacy users.
  • BigData: Wide variety of reports clearly presenting students’ results, the time they have spent with eContent material, number of revisions, help buttons clicks and many others pieces of information.

Overview of mCourser benefits

mCourser is a globally used, adaptable and enterprise-ready eLearning platform designed to facilitate sharing and managing your digital assets. 

Adjust the layout and the functionality to your specific needs, upload your educational content and define sales model.

Take advantage of endless adaptive learning possibilities. 
Now, your eLearning platform is ready to be distributed to schools.
Teachers can conduct live video or audio sessions, assign detailed tasks and homework, work with groups or individual students, and collect automatically generated assessment thanks to the Big Data analytics. 
Working with your new eLearning platform, 
students can complete and easily submit their assignments, and work on their own, also on mobile devices!
Thanks to a dedicated app, all resources are available offline, and the results are automatically synchronized when you're back online. 

A complete elearning solution integrating content distribution Platform, advanced LMS, school management system and BigData Analytics Tool. 
mCourser offers an astonishing array of features designed to automate and facilitate publishing houses’ and educational institutions’ day-to-day operation.  

Unlike many other LMS platforms mCourser is capable of replicating virtual structure of a school system of a particular region or country. Starting from the central platform operator (e.g. Educational Publisher or Ministry of Education) through districts, schools and classes up to a single interaction between a teacher and a student.


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