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What is MedBridge LMS?

The MedBridge Difference
Highest Quality
MedBridge is your trusted resource as the nation’s leading producer of video-based healthcare content.
Partnering with industry experts, MedBridge delivers the highest-quality education on a platform optimized for adult learning.
Multi-Product Platform
MedBridge is your scalable, all-in-one platform to improve outcomes.
Through a blend of content and software solutions, MedBridge offers a seamless system that uniquely addresses the needs of both professionals and their patients.
Customer Centric
MedBridge deeply cares about and is driven by the needs of its clients and their patients.
By collaborating with healthcare organizations and providers, MedBridge creates the most impactful client solutions.

Overview of MedBridge LMS benefits

Exceptional outcomes begin with exceptional education.
MedBridge has partnered with industry experts to design professional development and patient engagement solutions specifically for Therapy Staffing providers & caregivers.

Leadership & Soft Skills
Fall Protection
Wound Care Management
Dementia Care
Transitions of Care
Infection Control
Restorative Sleep
Neurologic Conditions
Cardiopulmonary Care
Pain Management
Palliative Care

Engage staff & reduce turnover
Provide industry-leading education through a robust Learning Management System, featuring:

Recruitment and employee onboarding
Mentorship, residency, and advanced clinical training
Leadership development
Clinical deep-dive and specialty series
Meet regulatory requirements
Manage and track regulatory and compliance training to meet requirements and protect your partner organizations.

Interactive, online compliance training
Competency management to exceed accreditation standards
Assign, track, and report on mandatory training
Improve quality & value
Remedy gaps in performance and improve care transitions and quality and 5-star ratings through:

Evidence-based programs on topics such as wound care, fall prevention, and dementia
Transitions of Care and Readmissions Certificate Program
Advanced Certification Prep Programs
Become a Preferred Provider
Appeal to potential clients by implementing high-quality educational resources designed to educate staff for:

Improved consistency of care
Better patient/resident experiences


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