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What is Meisterplan?

Meisterplan is a dynamic and robust platform that combines the best features of project management and portfolio management solutions. It helps project executives and managers gain full control over their projects, resources, and portfolios. The app offers interactive and intuitive features and tools to make planning project resources and portfolios simpler and less complicated.

Businesses can use this platform to easily perform planning and analysis of the supply and demand, simulate different scenarios, view their impact, and utilize resources effectively. Meisterplan also offers features that help businesses track and analyze their expenditures and compare them against their profits. In short, Meisterplan is a complete and powerful solution that redefines the way companies perform project and resource management.

Why should you choose Meisterplan over its competitors? The reasons are it offers interactive portfolio level project planning, effective resource management, real-time resource conflict resolution with scenario simulation, easily continue to work with existing project management tools, and quick configuration and implementation. For these reasons, the app is used by numerous companies including top brands such as Merck, Siemens, Medtronic, and Citrix.

Overview of Meisterplan benefits

Meisterplan offers an integrated and complete platform that helps companies do more than just manage portfolios and projects. It offers the following benefits to users:

You can identify constraints in resources while fully maximizing capacity utilization. Determine bottlenecks in resources and instantly resolve issues with just a few clicks. Spot and invest in profitable investments without compromising budget. Ensure that your goals are aligned with your project portfolio. Visualize and comprehend data within minutes.

Clear Interface

Meisterplan is designed to be a simple app. The dashboard gives a clear view of the entire project portfolio and an overview of all of your resources, including skills and roles.

Unique combination of project portfolio management and resource management

You can add and assign resources to projects across your entire project portfolio, and you can also analyze resource utilization and identify and eliminate bottleneck resources before they even occur.

Real-time scenario planning

While in Scenario mode, you can foresee the outcome of specific changes and ensure that you are making smarter business decisions. Without affecting your permanent plan, you can determine whether your plan is realistic, if capacity allows for more projects, whether any departments are overloaded, and the optimal place and time for each project. Once you are satisfied with your scenario, easily apply it as your plan of record.



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