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What is Mercu: Chat-based Onboarding & Training?

Mercu is a new platform that helps businesses onboard and train their employees right where they spend most of their time online already: chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack or Telegram.

Why? Because this means blazingly fast content authoring as well as no extra login and no context-switching for employees.

As a result, Mercu achieves micro-training completion rates of ~88% within 30 minutes, learner satisfaction scores above 95% and - most importantly - reduced ops overhead.

Leaving an email about a pending training unopened is pretty normal. But ignoring a message...that just feels weird. Especially for Gen Z.

Already got an LMS? No problem! Mercu integrates with all leading platforms to deliver their content seamlessly "in the flow of work".

Overview of Mercu: Chat-based Onboarding & Training benefits

Most learning management systems suffer from low engagement, ineffectiveness, and poor user experience.

Moreover, almost none of them take into account the jam-packed schedules of today's employees, who often struggle to free up more than a few minutes for learning and development.

Data from Harvard and Stanford University shows that message-based learning solves these fundamental problems by delivering micro-training in the flow of work right where employees already spend their time online: Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Slack and Teams.

With Mercu, forward-thinking organisations can create engaging courses in minutes and enrol learners in seconds via the chat apps they already use. No extra software, laptop, or login needed.

Learners rave about Mercu because it enables them to seamlessly embed continuous learning into their daily routines. 


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