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Supported Specifications
  • SCORM 1.2

What is MiM LaaS?

MiM LaaS incorporates many elements of people development into one learning-as-a-service package. Our blended learning solution is comprised of:

- eLearning platform with gamification

- Customisation options

- Practitioner-curated eLearning courses

- Architecturally designed learning glide paths

- Discovery days

- Consultancy days

- Digital analytical tools e.g. Mindset Indicator, Johari 360 & Cultural Audit

- Success/implementation manager


All of these can be combined, utilised and implemented in whatever way best suits each specific organisation to reskill and upskill your people in the most effective way possible. Treating learning as a service, as opposed to a product, allows our highly trained facilitators to distribute new knowledge through our eLearning platform, host consultancy days where necessary, and continually reinforce learning through both our eLearning platform and AluMiMi LinkedIn group. 

Overview of MiM LaaS benefits

Blended Approach:

By combining the finest elements of eLearning with traditional classroom teaching, MiM LaaS caters to a wider range of learning styles, topics and people. In turn, this reduces learning cycle times, increases retention and typically profits, making for a more cost-effective solution. Moreover, the blended approach is flexible, meaning it can more easily adapt to changes within an organisation's L&D requirements.



MiM LaaS has been curated by the founders of Masters in Minds, a boutique consultancy that's been successfully developing people and growing organisations for over fifteen years. The team's 200 collective years of experience are encapsulated within our eLearning courses, meaning organisations have access to high-quality content which works in practice.

Moreover, the discovery day allows one of our trained facilitators to fully assess the organisation's current capabilities and strategic objectives. One of our L&D specialists then designs bespoke learning glide paths for each individual. This ensures the workforce is pulling towards a collective goal.

This, alongside the option of a success/implementation manager, means the MiM team are well-informed about the organisation and can use this inmate knowledge to react and address organisational challenges with consultancy days more easily and efficiently than an external partner ever could.



Through incorporating several different core elements of people development, organisations can choose what they need when needed. This grants organisations an unparalleled level of flexibility in a cost-effective way. It means that organisations can have one provider who delivers high-quality people development effectively and efficiently.


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