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What is Mimir Classroom LMS?

Mimir Classroom is a cloud-based learning management system that provides instructors with the tools they need to deliver computer courses online, including project and assignment programming, course management, a content library, plagiarism detection, Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle integration, and more. Students can receive one-on-one feedback, as well as assignments and grades, from their instructors.

Mimir Classroom allows users to specify the number of late days available for coursework and link a percentage-based penalty for each day. It also offers flexible test case types to help users automate all of their gradings. Instructors can automatically set the level of feedback they want their students to receive every time they submit an assignment. Users can also hide a test case from a student’s view. Students can easily run their code in the browser without any worry about their local environment. Instructors can view student grades and export them via CSV in compliance with LTI (Learning tools interoperability) standard to directly integrate them with an LMS such as Moodle, Canvas, or Blackboard.

Overview of Mimir Classroom LMS benefits

Programming projects exist so that students can practice combining multiple concepts introduced in assignments. Through programming projects you can see how students are applying and implementing the learned concepts and techniques from their assignments to accomplish greater objectives. For students, programming projects help them to think beyond a single solution and strive to creatively program.

Quick and Simple Project Setup
With the intuitive project creation workflow in Mimir Classroom, you can get your first programming project set-up in minutes. Simply enter in project details, submission settings, perfect code, and test cases. Once a project is created and active, students will be able to submit their work and get instant feedback.


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