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What is Mitrefinch?

Mitrefinch is a complete workforce management solution for medium-to-large organizations (100+ employees) across the world. Mitrefinch integrates employee personal information, probation, training and records in one location and includes modules for time and attendance tracking, employee scheduling, absence & leave management and mobile workforce management. The software is suitable for use by companies across a range of workforce-oriented industries including finance, retail, hospitality, construction, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

Subject to authorization, employees can update their personal information, certifications, etc. themselves, without having to go through HR. This not only saves times and effort for HR staff but empowers employees. From the same portal, employees can view their leave balances and submit time-off requests

Mitrefinch's Time Allocation System (TAS) helps HR teams to accurately track jobs and manage performance, compare tasks and costs, labor plan, and control overtime. The Project Analysis Module - one of several integrated apps - tracks projects by cost and displays over-budget items by highlighting them red on a graph.

Mitrefinch's Employee Scheduling module enables the creation of complex schedules which take into account availability, pay rate, and predefined skills. The module automates scheduling tasks and facilitates communication with employees about shift requests and availability.

Mitrefinch Absence Management provides complete visibility of employee absences, tracks who is away when they shouldn't be, identifies trends and recurring absences, and prompts the appropriate action. This module can also be used to track PTO (paid time off), automate leave and determine employee FMLA eligibility.

Overview of Mitrefinch benefits

Workforce management software can greatly decrease the workload of a business owner by automating a lot of time-consuming tasks.

The software tracks multiple aspects of a business at the same time and is widely considered a vital tool for managing businesses nowadays.

The workforce management software can be used for multiple simultaneous tasks, such as workflow management, by assigning tasks to employees and automatically monitoring the progress.
The internal communication system can decrease the communication gap between employees and managers and ultimately increase time and work efficiency.

It can also keep track of the progress of outsourced work. With more and more businesses being outsourced to decrease costs in the US, this particular aspect of the workforce management software is particularly applauded.

The software also has the capacity to monitor how the business’ resources are being used. If there is any inconsistency or inefficiency, it shows up instantaneously and in doing so, enables the management to take decisive measures to resolve whatever the situation.


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