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What is MobieTrain?

Microlearning equals small, bite-sized pieces of content delivered in an engaging way, and when people actually need it. Our mobile-first design allows to consume content remotely, intuitively and on-demand. Combine this with a very user-friendly design and layout, gamification elements, quizzes and retention techniques and you will understand that we created the perfect training platform that ten thousands of users around the world love to use. Welcome to the microlearning family.

At MobieTrain we believe that we can empower all employees by providing them with the right content at the right time to support them in their professional and personal development. With knowledge at their fingertips, they have the chance to make a difference.

Not only will an engaging learning experience help employees to become more confident and self-assured, but it will also open new doors for them and create new opportunities. Your employees, your team, your people – they are the essence of your company.

Overview of MobieTrain benefits

The traditional ways are just not cutting it anymore.
Your frontline needs an effective and engaging way to train.

Traditional Training
Employees need to take time away from their jobs
Face-to-face trainings and traditional LMS deliver too much information to remember
Takes a lot of time to create and organise trainings
Difficult to measure the impact
Provides general ‘one-size-fits-all’ content

Train wherever and whenever on your mobile device
Short, fun and bite-sized training content that improves knowledge retention by 50%
Easily create your own, branded learning tracks
Analyse results & tackle knowledge gaps
Boost knowledge with personalised, gamified trainings
Our Solution consists of 4 Pillars

Authoring tool, App, Dashboard and Community
1. Authoring Tool: Easily create your own Learning Tracks

2. Application: Engage and train your Frontline Employees

3. Dashboard: Get actionable Insights and drive Change


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