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What is Mosaic?

Firms, studios & agencies can now successfully manage projects while tracking time, planning resources, and monitoring budgets. Get real-time data to re-prioritize projects and redistribute work to balance team workload. 10x faster than a spreadsheet with simple drag-and-drop to make it easy for anyone to schedule the entire team and every project in minutes. Create and share visual dashboards to easily monitor KPIs like project performance, utilization & profitability. Risk-free trial.

Mosaic gives your professional services or agency business the tools you need to successfully manage projects, easily plan work, keep schedules up-to-date, balance workload, and stay under budget. You’ll experience better team communication, improved quality of work, faster project completion, and greater business visibility.

Plus it’s beautifully designed, built for speed, and ridiculously easy to use. You’ll feel like you can manage anything with it.

Overview of Mosaic benefits

Visual tools:
Each space on Mosaic is meticulously designed to present data in a simple and intuitive way to help you quickly understand project information at a glance.
Bird’s-eye views:
Every project in one place to staff, plan, track, and communicate priorities. Plus dashboards to help you see the big picture.

Visible only to you, your personal space is where you plan, prioritize, and manage work that’s important to you.

The tools you need to effectively manage every project - tasklists, notes, schedules, budgets, and more.

A project portfolio for team managers to plan, track, staff and communicate priorities across multiple projects.

Management reports & dashboards with visual charts that help you track every project, team and even the entire company at a glance.

Time tracking:
Never waste another minute of your life filling out timesheets. By simply filling out your timesheet today, you're training Mosaic to complete your future timesheets for you.

And effortless timesheets are more accurate timesheets, helping companies better understand project time, to create reliable schedules and budgets.

Make every minute count with Mosaic.


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