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What is Multirater Surveys?

Multirater Surveys is a cloud-based 360-degree evaluation solution designed to help small to large businesses create and conduct various kinds of surveys. The platform supports a template database with customizable questions, letting users design open-link based personalized feedback systems. Users can include net promoter score (NPS) questions to measure employee engagement, customer satisfaction, or leadership capabilities.

Multirater Surveys’ people analytics module enables enterprises to implement interactive performance monitoring with real-time data insights, helping users assess employee organizational skills. Key features include automatic/manual reminders, email notifications, customizable branding, and multi-lingual support. 180-degree surveys enable users to gain insight into management performance, sales competencies, customer service levels, one-on-one interactions, and exit interviews. Multirater Surveys comes with pulse surveys which allow businesses to review employee engagement, client interactions, company board evaluations, and more.

Overview of Multirater Surveys benefits

Multirater Surveys includes a one-click reporting feature which enables users to generate real-time reports and identify strengths, as well as development areas within an organization. The platform integrates with various human resource information systems (HRIS) to help streamline administration processes.

Whether you are an HR professional, business owner, executive manager, consultant or advisor, MultiRater Surveys provides you with the platform to maximize your people capital investment. By using MultiRater Surveys as your people capital survey platform you can create professional employee, leadership and business surveys in just five easy steps.

People Analytics
analytics_icon1Interactive performance monitor to manage all your people analytics
Real-time data to measure organizational competencies
Easily identify employee & leadership capability and potential


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