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  • Professional Services (Agency, Business)
  • Professional Training & Coaching
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  • Windows
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Supported Specifications

What is My CE APP?

Here at the Advanced Continuing Education Association (ACEA), we make continuing education (CE/CME) more enjoyable and effective for today’s busy healthcare workforce through straightforward, cutting-edge tools to discover, track, and report CME from all CME and education providers.

The CE App is your virtuoso to manage continuing education (CE) across your organization, orchestrating a symphony of compliance and educational engagement amongst your membership and staff.

Our Key Features

  • CME Discovery & Curation
  • One-Click Registration
  • Automatic Credit Tracking with CME Transcript
  • Certificates and Evaluations
  • Exclusive Competitive Insights
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Exclusive group CME and conference discounts

Track CE in one place: Track educational attendance from any provider to centralize your records for compliance.

Overview of My CE APP benefits

Continuing education (CE) should be painless and more productive. At ACEA we believe that credentialed professionals deserve to do the high-impact work that they trained for instead of spending time on administrative tasks. Clinicians, engineers, insurance professionals, and many others are required to maintain their licenses and certifications – why can’t that be an easier process? My CE APP, takes the guesswork and admin burden away entirely to allow your team to focus on improving and applying their skills.

Let us make things easy for YOU. 

  1. Increasing engagement in your desired education or topics
  2. Managing the status of multiple licenses
  3. Handling the reimbursement process


  • Save time
  • Stay Compliant
  • Improve your work.

The CE App matches requirements and deadlines to ensure each person sees and engages in the right courses at the right time.

CE App Elite 
Like the CE App, but even better! Know your compliance status, get renewal reminders, and more with our Elite version.

  • Support team: award-winning support at your whim.
  • Get renewal reminders: Like a personal secretary, send you renewal reminders with your compliance status.
  • Save even more time: You can simply forward us certificates or tell us you’re looking for education, and we’ll track, curate content, and register you for courses.

For groups
How much is your team’s time worth? Let us give you a quick win by saving your team time and improving the work they do through better-continuing education management.

  • Streamline Work for Members
  • Seamless Setup & Support
  • Management Compliance Reporting

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