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What is My Hours?

My Hours is a cloud-based time tracking solution best suited for small teams and freelancers. Users can start time tracking on unlimited projects and tasks in seconds, generate insightful reports, and create invoices.

My Hours allows users to track time via a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Users can track in real-time, manually add time logs or resume tracking on existing time logs. Native iOS and Android apps give users the flexibility to track and manage time on-the-go, via mobile and tablet devices. Users can add information, descriptions, and duration to time logs, and assign them to specific projects or tasks. My Hours allows admins to enter or edit time log information for team members.

Users can generate and download detailed time reports, to gain valuable insight into a team or individual performance. My Hours support activity, projects, pivot, and dashboard reports.

My Hours also allow users to manage project budgets and offers task, project, and team member-based rate billing methods. Users can customize invoices and send them to their clients via email or download them as a PDF.

Overview of My Hours benefits

My Hours is a cloud-based time tracking solution that enables organizations to monitor employees working hours. The solution tracks time manages billing and assists in the scheduling of tasks.

It features client reporting, supervision of tasks performed by teams, planning budget by generating reports, and invoicing of payments. My Hours project management module allows managers to create client-specific projects, assign tasks, and assign human resources to projects. In addition, the system allows managers to assign billing rates per project, task, and employee required for a project.

The reporting feature helps the employee to schedule a time and break down each task on an hourly basis and once the task gets completed it can be sent to the client through email.

My Hours dashboard analyzes and summarizes time spent by calculating billable time and billable amounts spent on each project. It also allows managers and team leaders to delegate tasks to team members in real-time and calculate costs for each employee. Support is available via email.


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