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What is is a cloud-based social learning platform to help institution deliver a personalized learning approach to students. It is an EdTech company found my alumni of Wharton Business School and IIT. It was found with the vision of engaging and exposing students through a digital medium and enhancing the learning process at educational institutions. is a powerful blend of Social networking and E-learning, which transforms the traditional classroom education to an online collaborative platform for teaching and learning. Our initiative seeks to improve the student’s performance by reducing the time needed for mastering knowledge by increasing retention and increasing engagement.

Myklassroom makes use of the wisdom of the crowds to make the learning experience more engaging. The platform provides curated content as supplementary content for the various topic areas the faculty want to address with personalized delivery of content. With the help of the reports and analytics, the engagement of the various stakeholders can be analyzed. Mobile learning makes it easy to engage students and teachers to the platform.

Myklassroom supports more than 40,000 users and is awarded “The National Education Excellence Award” for “The Best use of Technology in Teaching and Learning Practices” by ASSOCHAM India.
The Social

Overview of benefits

At, we are trying to understand the student, their skills, their needs, their interest, and map it out to the most relevant content. Like any other social platform, we believe in the community to perfect the job. Our categorization engine chooses appropriate content for the student. The social group at helps us to fine-tune the results to a specific user. is built on a SaaS framework to support educational institutions in the ongoing management of their learning process. Our intelligent social mapping algorithm maps the student’s profile with premium educational content available online including but not limited to lectures from a premier institution like Harvard, Stanford, MIT and IIT (free/ paid service).

Myklassroom’s analytical engine will help the teacher to spend less time to analyze class data and help plan class to improve the performance of the students. Our social, collaboration tools will engage all the stakeholders of a school and build a strong community of students and faculty.


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