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What is Nagwa?

About Us

Nagwa Limited is an educational technology startup with offices in Windsor, UK and in Cairo, Egypt. We have over 450 staff members who are working on creating digital educational products for students.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate the world.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a leader in digital education and an innovator at the intersection of education, technology, and design.

We spent the first four years preparing the product to make sure it fits the market. In one year after launching Nagwa's different appliocations with have reached more than 3.5M users in 20 different countries. 


We help teachers teach and students learn. 

Overview of Nagwa benefits

Nagwa has several applications that helps the teacher teach and student to learn. 

Nagwa Connect

Through this application educators can conduct live sessions with their students. Students can communicate with the educators after their permission.

Nagwa Studio

Throught this applicaiton educators can create videos to be uploaded on the portal. The application has auto edititing feature.

Nagwa Study

Through this application students can find their assessments, homeworks, documnets uploaded by the educators as well as other features.

Nagwa Educators

Through this application educators can engage with their students. They can create assessments, upload files for their students, create homeworks, as well as other features. 

At nagwa we have more than 100K+ questions. 

We have ready made content for Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Science in 5 different languages; Arabic, English, Frensh, Spanish, and Portugese. 


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