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What is Next World?

Next World is a Virtual Reality (VR) training ecosystem that has developed the world’s first VR Learning Management System (LMS) containing an extensive library of ready to go VR training. Our LMS is designed around the unique power of VR, combining game changing eye tracking technology with immersive, memorable training realities. With our platform, trainers can easily identify knowledge gaps and trends across their organisation, and deploy scheduled training with ease.

Our dynamic VR training solutions help induct, train and up-skill employees safely and effectively by recreating situational risks, hazards and consequences of poor safety. With the power of VR, this is achieved without putting the learner in any real danger; creating a powerful emotional connection to why safety training is so important.

Critically, our solution works out of the box, with best-in-class wireless VR hardware and user-friendly remote management.

When compared to traditional learning, VR learning results in up to 800% more knowledge retention, 400% more focused learning environments, and leaves employees 275% more confident to complete their tasks!

Current Library:

Fire Extinguisher Skills

Fire Hazard Identification

Manual Handling

Forklift Inspection

Working Around Forklifts

Working At Heights

Hazard Identification

Confined Spaces

Office Hazards

Lock Out Tag Out

Slips, Trips and Falls

Hand Safety

Hazardous Substances

EWP: Scissor Lift Operation

EWP: Boom Lift Operation

+ Over 10 new courses coming in 2023. 

Talk to us today to discover how the incredible power of VR can influence your employees and their workplace training programs. [email protected]

Overview of Next World benefits

Virtual Reality (VR) training has several benefits, including:

Improved Engagement: VR provides an immersive experience that can hold a trainee's attention, increasing their engagement and motivation.

Increased Retention: VR training has been shown to result in higher retention rates compared to traditional training methods. According to a report by Deloitte, VR training can result in information retention rates of up to 75%.

Safety: VR can be used to train individuals in dangerous or high-risk scenarios without putting them in actual danger. This allows for more effective training and reduces the risk of injury.

Cost-effective: VR training can save organizations money compared to traditional training methods, such as in-person training or travel expenses.

Accessibility: VR training can provide individuals with access to training that may not have been possible otherwise, such as for individuals with disabilities or for those in remote locations.

Customization: VR training can be customized to meet specific training needs, such as simulating specific scenarios, environments, or equipment.

Data tracking and analysis: VR training provides data on trainee performance, which can be analyzed and used to improve training programs.

Overall, VR training is a cost-effective and engaging training method that can result in improved information retention and increased safety.


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