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What is Nextiva?

Nextiva Office Service is the flagship product offered by Nextiva, a cloud-based unified communications solutions, which include the Nextiva Call Center, Nextiva Connect, and Nextiva Drive among others. Basically, Nextiva Office is a virtual IP/PBX developed to provide businesses of all sizes with standard IP PBX features for just a low startup cost and less burden for the business administration. While some of the features are also offered by other solutions, what makes Nextiva Office a better option is that it offers both unlimited calls and unlimited fax. As the package becomes pricier, the features that come with it include advanced functionalities.

Overview of Nextiva benefits

With Nextiva Office, your business gets more than just the traditional business phone systems.

Save your business time and money on hardware, setup, and monthly service
Setup is simple and quick with the help of Nextiva’s Onboarding Team
Your voice, email, conferencing, and mobile presence all on one platform
Access a unified view of your business from any browser or mobile device
Advanced communications tools allow you to work from anywhere
Transfer and swap calls between multiple devices with one click
An online control panel allows you to manage calls, employees and locations
Improve employee productivity and efficiently staff your office
Quickly swap and transfer calls between onsite and remote location
Manage your dashboard on any Internet browser or mobile device
Identify bottlenecks, availability issues, and employee productivity
Manage all of your incoming and outgoing calls with one simple click
100% U.S.-based team is here to help every step of the way


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