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What is NuMeet?

NuMeet is an advanced video conferencing solution that aims to help all businesses in building their brands. It also enables hosting of webinars and reach out to an extensive number of audience. It provides a simplified software that allows customization of features, as per the user's requirement.

It is an excellent platform to hold seminars and training sessions as well. A single click will allow users to share their screen and also facilitate meetings. There are engagement options that help the participants to converse during the meeting. The platform is all about convenience and assisting in the deliverance of great results. This is a solution that will help businesses expand their horizons.

Overview of NuMeet benefits

NuMeet is your ideal video conferencing platform with robust features that will help in achieving business goals, facilitate online meeting and trainings, among others. The software enables you to accommodate any size of audience and offers different tools to meet your engagement requirements.

With NuMeet, users and participants can make use of impactful tools such as multi channel broadcasting, high quality enterprise experience and live streaming. A major benefit of this software is that it works on both Android and IOS devices too, it can be operated on multiple devices and it works equally well.

Online meetings with business partners, colleagues and clients are a cakewalk with NuMeet. Be it a new pitch or a big presentation, there is a full guarantee that what you want to present is exactly what gets conveyed. For nonprofits, there is an availability of a Donate button that can be added on to the screens of the participants. All these amazing features and benefits come at a very affordable price, the basic version is totally free of cost!


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