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What is O.C. Tanner?

Crafted specifically for large scale employee recognition programs, and ideal for enterprise and global workforces, O.C. Tanner is a cloud-based employee recognition and engagement solution which helps medium to large sized businesses with performance management and collaboration. Key features include feedback management, a rewards program, surveys, activity tracking, and analytics.

O.C. Tanner enables managers to recognize employees and broadcast accomplishments on a company-wide bulletin board. Supervisors can use this system to award gift cards, merchandise, event tickets, travel, charity, fun activities, and custom-designed rewards. O.C. Tanner enables team members to send eCards, recognize peers, reward points, and provide feedback.

O.C. Tanner comes with a REST API and integrates with third-party applications such as ADP, Pulse, Workday, Outlook, Salesforce, Slack, Google Suite, Facebook Workplace, and more. Analytics and reporting tools generate real-time data and allow users to continuously track their employee recognition program. The yearbook feature lets managers issue service awards and allows staff to share comments, photos, and videos with their peers.

Overview of O.C. Tanner benefits

Crafted specifically for large-scale employee recognition programs, and ideal for enterprise and global workforces. Give and receive recognition with Culture Cloud. Culture Cloud Recognition helps every employee appreciate great work to make playing on a winning team a way of life. From career milestones to everyday expressions of gratitude, Culture Cloud Recognition offers enterprise clients the widest variety of tools for crafting diverse employee experiences that engage and inspire.

Recognize your employees and broadcast accomplishments on a company-wide bulletin board. Follow your friends. Like. Comment. Share.
Video showing Great Work application and e-cards by O.C. Tanner
Enhance the digital experience with face-to-face recognition, notes, vouchers, printed keepsakes, presentations, positive feedback, and custom awards.


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