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  • Education Management
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  • Primary/Secondary Education
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Supported Specifications

What is Olive VLE?

Olive VLE is a virtual learning environment (VLE) packed with powerful features that can boost online course learning, management and result in higher sales. It is a world-class Virtual Learning Environment that can enhance the learning experiences of Microsoft Teams users.

Olive VLE is especially helpful to tutors, trainers, educational institutes or corporates for enhanced lesson planning, management of the administrative work, tracking of learner’s activities, level of engagement and to assess their performance. It also helps in promoting discussions, providing support and mentorship.

With Olive VLE’s feature-rich and robust offerings and Microsoft Team's user-friendly capabilities, users can use a familiar platform to conduct their live classes, manage their students and run their online training effectively. Educational institutions, freelance tutors, open college networks, corporates or anyone with a penchant to teach online can now pivot to high-end, interactive digital content with ease. The presence of Olive VLE on Teams can now help create engaging course content, conduct live sessions, and use a systemised evidence bank to track and manage learners’ progress. OliveVLE’s faster induction rates, improved compliance, rich features and easy management tools, incorporated within Microsoft Teams, can help tutors create more effective courses and manage their online teaching business to success.

Olive VLE paves the way for an intuitive software platform that provides a wide range of ready-made courses that the users can access. Being designed and developed especially for Microsoft Teams, Olive VLE makes teaching and managing your online academy an easy task.


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