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What is OnBoard?

OnBoard is designed to elevate the performance of directors, executives, and administrators throughout the board meeting life-cycle. It’s the leading board management solution for financial institutions, health care, nonprofits, and higher education institutions. Yet, OnBoard is designed to drive equal results across every industry.

What makes OnBoard different is that it’s meeting software your board will actually use. There’s no complex login processes. With just your fingerprint, you’re in. The interface was designed to put what’s important front and center – your upcoming meetings and board books. So that anyone can just pick it up, and it just works. Meetings become more productive, board book access becomes amazingly intuitive, archives are readily accessible, and voting is simple. The result is a board of directors that has more time to devote to thoughtful deliberations.

Overview of OnBoard benefits

OnBoard stands are proof that investment in product innovation leads to sustained success. We continue to update OnBoard every single month. Launching new features and capabilities that drive increased value and improve workflows. We simply refuse to stop thinking about how technology can improve board meetings. Because we believe that OnBoard is the best board meeting product out there, we want to get it into the hands of everyone.

That’s why we offer a no strings attached trial. That’s why we make migrating data from your current solution to OnBoard ridiculously easy. And that’s why you should talk to us about buying out your current board portal contract. Because we believe that once you use OnBoard, you’ll see how much better it is compared to whatever you’re using today.


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